Driving Prices DownDriving Prices Down

At LN Motors we are dedicated to keeping repair and servicing costs at a minimum whilst keeping the quality of our work unrivaled. We are so confident that we have the best prices that if you see a service advertised cheaper somewhere else we will match that price and give you a further 10% discount.

LN Motors have been successfully using a fixed price plan on car servicing for the past 12 months. Our customers are happy that they know the exact cost of their service before they even bring their car to us. All our services include all the usual consumables i.e. washer fluid, coolant / anti-freeze, brake and clutch fluid etc.

If your car requires any additional work outside of the standard service we will call you, explain exactly what needs to be done and give you an exact price and will only carry out additional work after getting your approval.

Engine Size Interim Service Start From Full Service Start From
Up to 1.0 Liter €85 €135
1.1 – 1.3 Litre €90 €140
1.4 – 1.6 Litre €95 €145
1.7 – 2.0 Litre €100 €155
2.0 – 3.0 Litre €110 €170


The following items which cost extra are only required at certain intervals or for certain cars.

Long Life / Low Ash Oil (Required for BMW, Mercedes, Audi or any Diesel engines fitted with a DPF) €5.00 Per Litre

Platinum / Long Life Spark Plugs from €12.00 each

Repair Work:

Should your car require additional repair work, our Labour charge is €60.00 per hour.

The clearances between metal engine parts can be as little is 0.25mm. The oil keeps the metal parts from touching. But even with oil between the metal parts, the spinning creates heat. In addition to lubricating the parts, the oil also carries the heat away.

But oil also has several key additives. It has detergents that keep dirt suspended so it can move the dirt to the oil filter. Without detergent, the dirt would either stay in place or settle at the bottom of the oil pan. Oil also contains anti-corrosion additives that prevent metal parts from corroding. Finally, it contains an anti-foaming agent to prevent bubbles when it’s whipped up by moving metal parts.

All of those additives wear out. That’s why you have to change your oil. Squeeze too many miles out of your oil and you will find black gooey sludge at the bottom of your engine. Since the anti-friction additives will be gone, you’ll see burned oil on all the engine parts (just like burned butter in a frying pan).
Not changing your oil is simply the worst thing you can do to an engine.