Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

The best way to keep your vehicle healthy is to keep it clean and lubricated. Changing oil filter and oil regularly is a must for car maintenance. These basics are the most important part of any maintenance regime and they’re also relatively inexpensive. If you do these things regularly, you can help maximize your vehicle’s life.

Important filters include:

  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter
  • PCV/Breathers
  • Cabin / Pollen Air Filters

Most vehicle manuals recommend that you service your vehicle more frequently if you drive in “severe” conditions. Most drivers are surprised at what counts for severe driving. In fact, for most drivers, “normal” driving habits are actually “severe”!

“Severe” driving conditions include one or more of the following:

  • Driving in stop and go traffic
  • Driving in extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Driving at prolonged higher engine speeds
  • Taking multiple trips averaging 1-10KM in length
  • Frequent cold start-ups and shut downs
  • Prolonged engine idling
  • Towing and/or hauling heavy loads
  • Driving in dusty or muddy conditions
  • Driving in mountainous terrain

Protect your car with proper maintenance to counteract the effects of severe driving