LN Motors uses only high spec diagnostic equipment meaning we can efficiently diagnose and repair all electrical faults saving you time and money. For your information we have listed some common car parts that tend to be the most troublesome.

Oxygen ( O2 or Lambda Sensor)

Most engine warning lights come on as a result of a faulty O2 Sensor. The reason behind this is as follows: The O2 Sensor detects the level of oxygen in your exhaust system and tells your engine to inject more fuel or not. Although replacing this sensor is, in most cases a simple enough job ignoring it can result in increased fuel consumption and damage to the catalytic convertor. Only direct fit original equipment parts should be used. Cheaper parts are available but generally only tend to last a couple of months


Almost anybody that owns a car will have some sort of lighting failure be it a blown bulb, burnt or bad connections or a broken wire. Not all cars give a message to the driver there is a fault with the lights, therefore you should really check your lights before every journey or if this is not possible at least once a week.

ABS (Anti-lock braking System):

ABS systems are generally trouble free. However sometimes they can become faulty. Wheel Speed Sensors are the most common item to fail on an ABS system and cause the ABS warning light to illuminate. If you have an ABS warning light on, drop into us or Contact Us as most of the time we can quickly diagnose the fault.

Battery’s & Alternators:

A weak Battery can be the result of a worn old Battery or a faulty Alternator.. Both are easy to diagnose and can be replaced on the same day. Worn Batteries tend to fail in colder weather. If you notice your car is not starting as efficiently as usual, chances are you have a failing battery. It is advised to have your car checked immediately if you notice this symptom to avoid having your car not start for you and leaving you stranded.